Ellon Computer Services PC and Laptop installation and maintenance
www.ellon.net is the local Ellon website for Omnial Group Business Services, who are based in Newburgh and provide computer services locally in the Ellon area, as well as in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Orkney and Shetland.

Ellon Online Computer Shop
Our Ellon Online Computer Shop offers thousands of products, all supplied directly by the major retail stores, including household names, but also sourcing from niche retailers you may not be familiar with.
All transactions are made online direct with the retailer and you can choose for your purchases to be delivered direct to your home or use one of the local collection facilities, where your purchases are held for you to collect when it is convenient, to save you waiting at home.

We Install Computers
We install computers, both desktops and laptops, for the major High Street retailers customers installation services, so we are happy to offer you an installation service to set up your new computer for you, whether or not you buy it through our website or direct.

As well as Windows PCs and Laptops, we are familiar with Apple products and are comfortable installing both iMacs and MacBooks.

We Can Help When Things Go Wrong
We can help when things go wrong, too! We also provide troubleshooting services for the major High Street retailers and are happy to provide the same services locally to our customers.

Whether you think you have picked up a virus, or some malware or spyware, or your computer has slowed down almost to a standstill, is doing strange things it shouldn’t do, can’t connect to the internet, or it has stopped working altogether, we can help.

Remember Windows 10 has antivirus, anti spyware, etc protection already built in, so do you really need a subscription to another antivirus service, which switches off the built in protection? Perhaps, perhaps not!

We’ll either sort it out for you, or if necessary let you know when we think it is not economical to spend money on it. Whatever happens, we’ll try to recover any data you would like to save to transfer on to your next machine.

Contact Us
Contact us if you’d like further information on our services.